Humphrey Law Wool Bamboo Blend Socks


From the beginning, the aim of Humphrey Law & Co Pty Ltd was to provide quality and value for money. This has not changed. Today’s Humphrey Law socks are carefully made with the finest natural yarns Рpredominantly wool and cotton Рand sold at realistic and competitive prices.

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  • Both wool and bamboo rayon are renewable fibers.
  • They both come from grass but by entirely different routes. Sheep do all the work to transform grass into wool and for Bamboo, the process is a chemical one to make Bamboo-Rayon.
  • Suitable for year-round wear, the combination of wool and bamboo is ideal for socks combining the warmth, insulation, and resilience of wool with the strength, moisture absorbency, and abrasion resistance of bamboo rayon.
  • 49% Wool, 47% Bamboo-Rayon, 3.5% Nylon, 0.5% Lycra

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